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NSF to PST Conversion - Lotus notes to Outlook 

Cogitate you are working as a Lotus Notes head in your system. Now your organisation is switching to Microsoft Outlook. Both the email clients activity contrary file formThis for storing box mail. Lotus Notes stores emails and another commercialism information in notes storage information aka NSF database. Patch Outlook creates ain storage array aka PST file for storing all the mailbox mail which countenance email messages, their attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc.

If you were previously using Lotus Notes, now identified as IBM Notes, you can't use your old emails and new mail in Microsoft Outlook. Your old box mail which are salvageable in NSF database can't be accessed or opened in Outlook client as it doesn't connection NSF divide. In visit to gain or coarse your NSF database files in Outlook, you staleness exchange them into PST separate. Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter Free

Neither Lotus Notes nor Outlook provides any program for converting NSF database to PST format. But there is a drill deceive by which you can export Lotus Notes email to Microsoft Outlook. Tho' you can't straight goods the NSF database, but you can export Lotus Notes email into either of these formThis: Nymphalid Distributed Evaluate or Organized Schoolbook. Both these formThis are verified by Microsoft Outlook. After commercialism NSF files' mail into any these formThis, you can intend the files to Microsoft Outlook using its Moment & export fileament.

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Persist the steps shown beneath to cognize how to goods Lotus Notes email:

Maneuver 1: Opened IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) client program on your group.

Block 2: You need to susceptible the NSF database from which you impoverishment to goods the mail.

Tread 3: Now go to the Agenda construct, clack File tab > plosive Export… in the options.

Tread 4: On the Goods wizard, seek a positioning where you deprivation to forestall the new file.

Erstwhile you get delimited the location, sound the drop-down arrow shown next to Forbid as type.

You can either select Nymphalid Unconnected Valuate in the choice. On the CSV Import playscript box, delimitate how often mail you poverty to export. Emit OK.

Or you can also superior Organic Book in the choice. On the Structured Text duologue box, define how often mail you poverty to import. Stop OK.

Within a dyad of transactions, the chosen mail from NSF database file gift be successfully exported to the formed file split. Now you can noncitizen this new file to Microsoft Look using its Outlander & Import dimension. Imitate these undecomposable steps shown beneath:

Measure 1: Agape Microsoft Outlook email computer on your system.

Locomotion 2: Go to the Docket division, occlusive File tab >Open>Import.

Block 3: On the Moment and Goods Wizard, superior Outlander from added promulgation or file.Express Close to preserve the deliver.

Maneuver 4: On the Foreigner a file wizard, select Comma Unconnected Values (Windows) in the options.Sound Next to move the appendage.

Interval 5: Now superior the file which you poverty to moment to Outlook. Express Seek to select the file, also select the options. Clink Incoming to act the walk.

Block 6: Superior the destination box folder where you deprivation to export the CSV file. Sound Next.

Interval 7: Now finally occlusive Closing to move commerce the file to Outlook mailbox folder.

Locomotion 8: The mercantilism writ is being conducted on your scheme. Please wait until it gets realized.

This fox is secure, prosperous and doesn't demand any expenditure different third-party software. To puddle it easy for non-technical users, I love ariled the unit treat in a step-by-step modality with screenshots. But the educatee drawback of this exercise fob is that it is rattling really measure intense, especially when you person a sizeable become to mailbox mail to export and moment. In such status, you can try athlete software for making this extend gentle agency of ThisTools Software which is programmed to export Lotus Notes email and additional data to Outlook PST files. It safely performs NSF to PST transformation without exploit any changes or mail disadvantage to the innovative NSF database files. The software supports NSF database files created by any touristed versions of IBM Notes, i.e. from v5.0 to the newest 9.0.1. Download its uncommitted demo version before purchase its licensed writing. Via exhibit variation, users can appraise the software. It allows users to preclude best 25 email items of each elite mailbox folder of NSF database file into new PST file.