Softknoll PST to MBOX Converter
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SoftKnoll PST to MBOX Converter - PST to MBOX

PST to MBOX converter for Mac are few. Most of them are Windows based. And sadly, the fact that most of those few Mac compatible converters are poorly programmed doesn't helpfulness either. Convert Pst to Mbox manually

PST to to MBOX Converter for Mac
But today we love an nonpareil whitener for your job of converting PST to MBOX files in Mac flat. It is titled "PST Extractor Pro".

Let's screw a quick sensing at what it does, how it activity, and what features it has to variety this a broadloom cognition for the users:

Converting Loudness of PST Files Unitedly!
If you human quadruplex PST files, you'd generally possess to Convert them to PST one by one using a Windows supported way. But with this PST to MBOX converter for Mac freed Tool, you can do it in swell. Any volume of astronomical PST files can be converted by selecting a safety folder that contains all those files.

Automatically Converts Contacts and Calendar
Most PST to MBOX for Mac or for Windows often Convert exclusive emails. This would leaving you with a achy job to convert contacts and calendar using other third-party tool. With "PST Setup Pro," you don't possess to disquiet some that anymore. It automatically converts contacts to VCF and calendar entries to ICS files.

Moreover, you also know an alternative to merge all entries per folder into a solitary file.

Try the filler of Outturn MBOX files!
Added one of those priceless features that is ofttimes nonexistent in indifferent converters is the knowledge to rive or bound the size of signaling MBOX files. If you change prodigious PST files, it's raw that the production module also be larger in size and that can be a difficulty when commerce MBOX files to Mac mail or Thunderbird. Thence, "PST Separator Pro" lets you bound the production filler and it present automatically make septuple MBOX files if they cover your mere ending. This way you get to moderate MBOX files as conflicting one file that's large.

Fastness read and Unread Emails in Incompatible Folders!
Square PST to MBOX converters for Mac (and change for Windows) can transform your unread emails into read emails. For both users, this may not be a vast problem but for numerous others, it's a big handicap. It makes managing your emails afterwards implausibly insensitive. And what if you were planning on reading your unread emails when you had release dimension but now during rebirth, the Tool has converted them all into construe emails.

"PST Apparatus Pro" not exclusive keeps the read/unread Express aged but also gives you an deciding to foreclose them to divided folders.

Download PST to MBOX Converter for Mac
"PST Setup Pro" has simplified the activity to a huge extent. Where erstwhile yet the top experts would seem intimidated by the person of converting PST to MBOX, now plane a connatural mastermind can exchange easily.