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MapsUpdates provides various options for Garmin users, who want to update their Garmin Nuvi system.

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Set the home address in a Garmin Nuvi 350

The Nuvi uses a touchscreen with programmable keys for all controls except the external power button. You can route to the point of interest,  a set of coordinates, an address, or a location on the map. 

Garmin Nuvi 350

A handheld GPS is a great device if you are driving or traveling in another city, state or country. If you are a frequent traveler, or if you are not good with directions, Garmin Nuvi can be very helpful to you. But to use this, you first need to know the basics, including how to set your home address in a Garmin Nuvi 350. The Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS unit gives turn-by-turn instructions using voice assists with real street names and a highlighted roadmap.

Garmin NUVI 200 Services

What do you do when your Garmin NUVI GPS device is no longer holding the charge, and the internal battery doesn’t last more than minutes? You could just live with it and use the vehicle power adapter. You can also send the device for the repair in the store. Or get the device battery replaced with following of the blog steps mentioned as it another option that turns out for replacing the internal battery is an easy task that just your time. You need Garmin NUVI battery replacement kit which helps you in replacing the Garmin NUVI 200. 

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